Sunday, October 28, 2007

County GOP is broken and a fresh look at board would help

The Monmouth County GOP is a dysfunctional organization right now. Between partisan appointments of unqualified people (e.g. Tobia); a skewed sense of priorities in choosing candidates (e.g. the Little controversy); ethical problems (e.g. some of Niemann's PACs are still open and functioning); and questionable people surrounding the center (e.g. Moretti, Malcolm Carton), I can't say that it is as healthy as it could be. Republican leaders in the county need to reform the political organization in place, to cut the every day corruption that is going on in Freehold.

Add to this the fact that Gibbons, Del Deo (Peter Carton) has all the bonding work for the county (a very conflicted individual out of Middletown who really is running a lot of the county GOP's political show these days), and the question of just what this party is doing comes to mind.

To the candidates: I do not know Mr. Cantor, but I think it is harsh to say he does not have enough experience to be a freeholder. I do believe there is a culture of dysfunction in the county GOP (the party and in the Hall of Records) that Mr. Cantor, someone who seems to be a straight shooter, would have to be fighting at the same time he was trying to pass laws to cut taxes. The Monmouth GOP is not the right organization today to be able to serve the needs of the residents and taxpayers of Monmouth County, in my opinion, because of those problems.

I do not believe that either John D'Amico or Dave Schueler would have that problem, and after speaking with them I think they want to streamline government and look at the systems of government and see what can be done cheaper and more efficiently. Since I am a Monmouth taxpayer, I like that idea.

Both John D'Amico and Dave Schueler seem to be genuine people with real credentials.

I really believe that the long fix in Freehold is going to be revisiting policies and procedures (maybe all of them) to close the gaping loopholes that are currently in there where it involves the everyday business of doing gov't. D'Amico and Schueler want to lower taxes and will have the majority to do it; I pay taxes in Monmouth and want my taxes lowered: Simple enough.

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