Friday, October 26, 2007

GM writes piece about Shadow Lake dredge project

GM Staffer Jamie Romm has written a nice piece about the Shadow Lake dredging project, discussed at the Middletown Committee.

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Matt lives in Northern New York said...

Silting is only a natural process when a lake is natural. Shadow Lake was created when a dam was built on Hubbard Ave. It silts becasue the dam slows the flow of water into the Navesink River, the pieces of earth carried in the current then fall to the bottom, unnaturally.

That whole area used to be Nut Swamp, thus Nut Swamp Road. But it was filled in, in part, to build Shadow Lake village. It's all part of the same cycle in Middletown that wastes resources, over develops and benefits a select few.

The dam obviously won't be ripped out. The swamp is dried up and the dredging needs to happen, but $3.8 million seems excessive. Even if, Mayor Gerry is getting some undergrads from the school he is employed by to work for free.