Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hill, Guadagno camps are mixing it up

The APP is reporting on a sexual harassment lawsuit where Monmouth County Sheriff's Candidate Jack Hill is named as a defendant. The GOP brought up the Hill case. He's a Democrat. The Democrats have brought up an unflattering Law Journal article about GOP Sheriff's Candidate Kim Guadagno.

I have been dealing with politicians in Northern and the rest of Monmouth for a long time. If either the Hill case or the Guadagno matter are as bad as some are saying, respectively, it still wouldn't scratch the surface of some of the flawed natures of some of our elected officials (many still serving) that have unpublicized skeletons regularly clanking around loudly in their closets. The Republicans want to make this election about the lawsuit.

The Democrats might want to make this about a controversial issue involving Ms. Guadagno's past. Maybe these issues
do have to be weighed. But if we, as an electorate, just make this about those issues then we're going to miss an opportunity.

There will not be another time to talk about taxes in a real way before this election. Either Jack Hill or Kim Guadagno are going to be the sheriff of Monmouth County.
The GOP is not so well loved in Monmouth that Ms. Guadagno cannot lose this election, sexual harassment lawsuit or not. And where it involves the Democrats, they are not so favored by circumstance that a win is for sure, controversial GOP candidate or not.

But one thing is for sure: One of these two individuals are going to be the sheriff.
Taxes are out of hand. If these issues are going to get play, fine and well. But there has to be the issue of how much money their respective administrations are going to cost also.

I have tried to focus on money this election, because I am sick of sending so much to the government: Many people are being taxed out of this area and New Jersey.

I'm going to keep that up.
I spoke with one of Ms. Guadagno's supporters in Ocean Grove and he asked me about doing another piece in Courier regarding Ms. Guadagno. I said I'd love to: All she has to do is pick up a phone and there it is. That article is going to be about how she intends to save taxpayers money in Monmouth County.

The show is all well and fine. But there is the small issue of Monmouth taxpayers being bled dry that is still a lingering issue for some. Click on the headline for the APP story.

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