Sunday, October 07, 2007

The GOP could use more economic fundamentalism

The APP posted this piece about evangelicals in the GOP. It's interesting enough.

Frankly, though, the evangelical strain of the GOP are, in my opinion, the ones who brought that party from being the party of business and commerce, small government and sensible spending, to this 'mean-nothing' faction that is more interested in side issues than economic fundamentals.

I think economic fundamentalism is a lot more important than religious zeal at this stage of the game, where our American dollar is becoming worth about what the old Italian Lira was.

It's speculative about what tradition this strain has in that party, but it certainly has co-opted the center, using an often 'Pop Theology' mantra. If the GOP wants to reclaim its traditional business-friendly reputation, at some point its elected lawmakers have to start demonstrating that.

As for Democrats, I think the more de-centralized nature of that party makes it less a total organization, in the sense of the GOP, than it is a collection of individuals, for the good and bad of that.

Click on the headline for the APP piece.

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