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Inzerillo comes out about bonding


October 18, 2007

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Inzerillo Says "No" to Bonding in Middletown

Candidate to search for alternative methods to fund projects

MIDDLETOWN - Democrat for 13th District Senate Lenny Inzerillo recently stated that Middletown officials need to practice more precaution when dealing with tax money.

"The amount of bonding that has been done in the township in the past several years has been outrageous," he said. "We need to put an end to borrowing money in order to finally bring some relief to the taxpayers of this area."

Inzerillo said he was particularly upset with the construction of the Middletown Arts Center, and more recently, plans to bond nearly $4 million to dredge Shadow Lake.

"The governing body originally said that the arts center wouldn't bring about any additional costs to taxpayers," he said, "and then they wound up bonding almost $9 million for it. Now they're considering bonding even more money for the Shadow Lake project. There's certainly a better way to go about these things."

Inzerillo said that he plans to search for grants and other money-saving methods to assist the funding of all future township projects. He said that while many of these projects are important, it is perhaps even more crucial to prevent taxes from being raised.

"The Township Committee always speaks about applying for various grants but those results are never seen," he said. "Constantly bonding is just not the answer. It is only going to further burden the residents of this township."

The candidate added that the certainly recognizes the severity of the current living situation for Shadow Lake Village residents.

"I can imagine that it must be unpleasant to live near the lake due to the odors," he said, " and hopefully these people are relieved of that as soon as possible. However, if elected to the Senate, I will search for other ways to fund these projects without taking more money from the wallets of taxpayers."


Scott Shanley
SDS Media Relations
Tel: 732.925.8386

CAPTION: Lenny Inzerillo and his wife, Renee, at a recent Middletown event.

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