Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Social Security: It's worth fighting for

Greg Bean has written a good piece about how New Jerseyans would, in many cases, leave if they could. What goes into this? Taxation, cost of living...a lot. But one thing that perked up my ears in his editorial was when he noted Social Security and said "if" it is around in the coming years. Mr. Bean's reference is an entirely logical and sensible sentiment. It makes sense. However, I absolutely believe that Social Security is the first national priority.

Social Security is the most important national priority and that is a program that is going to have to be fought for in the coming years.

Social Security is slowly coming into the cross hairs of Washington politicians, and sooner than not someone is going to bring up the long-term viability of this program in a very real way. But Social Security is not something that should be surrendered. Politicians, commentators and every kind of speculator regularly discuss what they believe to be "the most important thing" government does.

In my opinion, one of the few things I believe the Federal Government does of real lasting worth is Social Security. And if we let it go away, then that would be a mistake that generations after us would have to contend with.

Click on the headline to go to a very thoughtful piece by GM's Greg Bean.


Son of Liberty said...

Social Security as it was originally concieved and as it exists today is a huge mistake.
It is doomed to collapse.
There are much better ways to achieve the same result.
I think this will soon be the subject of a post on my blog.


i disagree strongly.

it is the only thing of any worth occurring with tax dollars. too much is pie in the sky nonsense.

this is practical, albeit flawed.

reforming social security would be great -- in favor of seniors.

but it is the first national priority and i will wager there are enough americans who vote to make that felt to lawmakers that want to do something other than honor the national commitment to seniors.