Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scharfenberger, Nelsen: Not answering questions as usual

Middletown Township Public Information Officer Cindy Herrschaft and Mayor Gerard Scharfenberger have made it very clear in recent years that The Courier, all of its staff and every reporter, can only contact the mayor or any member of any appointed commission through Ms. Herrschaft. Not only has there been a total inability for the Middletown Committee to communicate effectively with at least this newspaper, but this broad brush policy this administration has put in place is nothing if not near-sighted.

While it is not the place of government to field political questions, a story being developed for this week about GOP campaign literature in town has not been answered by the mayor or his running mate, Ms. Tristan Nelsen, because both of these people are either elected or on a board. So once again, a great big excuse for not answering questions about issues. But at this point, there really isn't much of a need to state a policy: The Middletown Committee doesn't like answering questions that are hard and have established many procedures that emplace a near total inability for this newspaper to communicate with it.

That is their choice. The choice of the staff at The Courier is to keep asking questions, in the hope that one day one will be answered.

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