Tuesday, November 20, 2007

APP pens positive piece about "Assembly Democrats"

While it is good to see the Assembly is doing something of relative worth (it is rare), the APP seems intent on this idea of "Assembly Democrats" and "Assembly Republicans." While there are a few parties in this state, with different names, it's my experience that Club Trenton is far from a partisan battlefield.

Newspapers deal with politicians every day, probably far more than any member of any Editorial Department wants. The notion that career Republicans and Democrats are not firmly entrenched and are not members of the same "club" is not realistic, based in reality, or practical.

In fact, to foster positive relations across the aisle (far form public view) it is not uncommon for partisan "rivals" in Trenton to be in business together, at least in some way, or supporting each others' campaigns, or lobbying for jobs through 'rival' colleagues in the Legislature.

There are real advocates in Trenton, who work very hard for citizens, and these are refreshing. Perhaps someday these elected Democrats and Republicans could have some kind of meeting in a very small room ( a large one would not be needed).

It would be nice if it were some other way, but it is not. Click on the headline and go to the APP piece.

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