Friday, November 02, 2007

It takes a lot of brass...

Whether or not the Republicans win or not, it takes a lot of gall for any governing body to name an administrator in the midst of a control election. Robert Czech has been the standard bearer of expensive big town government. He hasn't been thrifty in office and his attitude toward the public is terrible. If this is the best the GOP can come up with, it's a reason why they shouldn't be in office.

For the Board of Chosen Freeholders to name possible county administrators a week before the '07 elections, where a new group could be in control in a short time, is the height of hubris. Who is named as the next county administrator should be the decision of the Board of Chosen Freeholders that is convened after reorganization -- not this one.

What should have been an important decision for this county has been reduced to a political backroom stunt, and that is a shame. This kind of decision-making is why there needs to be a regime change, and an attitude readjustment in Monmouth County.

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