Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Freeholder McMorrow named to NJ driver commission

For Immediate Release:

September 25, 2007

FREEHOLD – Freeholder Barbara J. McMorrow has been appointed to the Governor’s Teenage Driver Study Commission.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to tackle the issues that face young drivers, their peers, their families, and their community,” Freeholder McMorrow said. “I want to ensure that our young drivers are well-prepared to take on the responsibility of driving and that they help to make our roads safe for all.”

As a retired public school teacher and principal, McMorrow brings to the commission 30 years of first hand experience in working for and with teen-agers in New Jersey.

While at Howell High School, McMorrow worked with students and staff after motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of teens. “These occasions provided the necessity to develop a sensitive and respectful protocol for the school personnel to follow in the wake of a motor vehicle tragedy,” McMorrow explained. “When tragedy strikes a school, it affects the whole community.”

McMorrow was also a founding member of Monmouth County’s Traumatic Loss Coalition, a group that helps students handle the death of a fellow student or teacher. “It’s very close to my heart,” McMorrow said of the coalition program.

The Commission will study and evaluate the driving education and training programs for New Jersey’s teenagers, assess the problems of driving under the influence of alcohol and aggressive driving, evaluate defensive driving and accident prevention programs, and analyze motor vehicle violations that contribute to teenage driving accidents. The Commission is to complete its work by March 2008.

“Teenage driving safety and the graduated license program is a matter of great concern in Monmouth County – as well as to the rest of New Jersey,” Freeholder McMorrow said. “Our goal is to help parents and their teens understand the laws pertaining to young drivers.”

The Commission consists of 15 members, seven appointed by the Governor, four members appointed by the Senate President and four members appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. Monmouth County’s representation on the commission includes Sen. Ellen Karcher, Assemblyman Michael J. Panter, Freehold Regional School District Superintendent H. James Wasser, and Englishtown resident Julie Farel.

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