Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For those interested in the Beck-Karcher race

I live in District 6, Freehold Township. Despite rain and such, there were more than 35 voters by 9 a.m. today. This is the first time I have voted in the township. So the good news is that people are coming out early.

There was no Democrat candidate for the local governing body. I don't know what a high voter turn-out in Freehold Twsp. means, but it's going on, I guess.

As for the four questions: I figured the government already compels enough money from me without me doing it myself and voted "No" to each. If it isn't about taking out the garbage, hiring cops, buying fire trucks or paving roads then the government has no place being involved, in my book.

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Art Gallagher said...

You're sounding like quite the Republican, Jim.

And....people should take care of their own garbage. Think about it.