Monday, November 12, 2007

Government can't set the beat -- it's too off track

In general, government does not do things as well as the private sector. In New Jersey, government (the most incompetent area of the economy) has the authority and the desire to compete and even muscle private business.

For example, New Jersey involves itself in the recreation business, the fishing industry and even the arts. Why? The state government cripples private industry with taxation and over-regulation, discourages projects other than those thought up by politicians with developer friends (who have contributed to campaigns or given jobs to our welfare class -- career politicians) and puts the dumbest, most corrupt people they can find into a room to decide the economic fate of whole areas.

Why North Carolina business is competitive is real planning, a strong business-friendly economy, and probably far fewer incompetents in office (though none of us are without them entirely).

What government needs to do in New Jersey is stop getting in the way of business, admit it has failed and start doing something other than making a mess of the economy more than it already has. While government has a regulation responsibility, it does not have an over-regulation or over-taxation responsibility.

SCENES OF SOMEPLACE THAT MAKES MONEY IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR JUST FINE: 1: The fine eating and catering establishments at Biltmore, 2: Another shot of a segment of the working farm, and 3: The visitor's center at the farm, with the main Biltmore house in the background.

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