Sunday, November 04, 2007

Patriots top Colts in 24-20 thriller

The New England Patriots edged out the World Champion Colts, in Indianapolis, today by a score of 24-20. Big days for Quarterback Tom Brady and receivers Wes Welker and Randy Moss. Of course, it was also an enormous day for the New England defense, which held one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks ever to a mark that didn't hit the bar.

Of course, this one was a thriller right up to the last minute, meeting the expectations of many across the country. At the office, I said New England would win it by 3. On the blog I said they would win it by 7. I guess 4 is somewhere in-between.

While there is all kinds of speculation that the Pats may go unbeaten, or be anointed likely Super Bowl champs by some right now, I think this game tonight did prove that the AFC championship is probably going to go through Foxboro. I think home field during the playoffs for the Pats is not an out-of-line expectation. And whatever team is going to try to win at New England, in the playoffs, against this team had better bring it. Click on the headline to go to the Yahoo News! story.

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