Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mooresville Artist Guild: Something special

The Mooresville Artist Guild is a great organization, with a wide array of wonderful work. They offer work in several mediums and there are some strong shows going on. Wayne McGuire is the guild's president, and John Hornirk, formerly of Cape May, was kind enough to show me around.

During my tour of the guild, located at 103 W. Center Avenue, I was treated to seeing some of a watercolor class being conducted by Mr. Frank Saunders, a great watercolor artist who has some very serious students. Some of the work going on is better than local artist guild stuff.

I see art guilds sometimes, and not many of them are all that exciting. This one was. Their Web site is at: Click on the headline to go there.

Captions: 1: Guild volunteer John Hornirk. 2: Watercolor artist Frank Saunders.

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