Tuesday, June 03, 2008

AP: Obama will win Democratic nomination

The AP is predicting Sen. Barack Obama will win the Democratic nomination for president, defeating Sen. Hillary Clinton.

I was just talking to someone about Sen. Obama and the other guy (a Republican) said that was good news for the GOP. I countered that, given the state of the economy, the unpopular war that is contributing to that poor economy, and the level of confidence this nation has in its government, I wouldn't be counting too many chickens.

Sen. Obama is a good candidate, and the other side of this question (the GOP) is going to fight hard to throw all kinds of accusations against him. Long story short: he couldn't be any worse than we've had for eight years. The Republican Party helped themselves when it picked Sen. John McCain, but is it too little little too late?

Sen. Clinton has reportedly offered herself as a potential VP, according to CNN, and Sen. Obama has been endorsed by former President Jimmy Carter.

Well, it looks like the fat lady is finally singing.

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