Friday, June 13, 2008

McCain: Jersey 'winnable' -- I don't think so

In an APP story, Presidential candidate John McCain does two things: complains about the Supreme Court decision saying that non-residents held in custody cannot be so forever without charges being leveled and he believes New Jersey is winnable by the GOP.

Personally, I think the notion that there have to be legitimate charges against someone being held in custody is pretty much a minimum -- regardless of what race, creed, color, or national origin involved. Why was this ever a discussion?

That New Jersey is "winnable" by the GOP is speculative. The GOP is responsible for the war, the economy and, according to Sen. McCain, a lot more war in the future. In fact, the GOP is promising that this country will stay at war (e.g. keep lying to Americans about the nature of this war), stay in trouble monetarily/economically and there will be a lot more of the same. I guess Sen. McCain is running on the GOP record and -- somehow -- he thinks that is good.

This was the most disastrous period of American history nationally, in my opinion, with the most flawed leadership in this country's experience. Far from embracing it, Republicans should be running away from this nonsense as far and fast as they could. America couldn't sustain four more years of this variety of alleged leadership, regardless how much rhetoric is wrapped around these misdeeds. Anything would be better. Nothing could be worse.

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