Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Conti throws his hat into the ring in Hazlet

Hazlet resident John Conti, 66, has filed a petition today to run as an independent in the upcoming Hazlet Township Committee race. According to Conti, "I am not happy. I think the committee can do more to offset taxes than they are doing."

Conti is head of the Hazlet Business Association, though he was clear his run has nothing to do with the HBA. "This has nothing to do with that. I have not even asked for support from that organization."

Conti is the owner three mobile home parks in the township. He has been a member of the business community in Hazlet for more than 30 years.

The candidate is a true independent, who has alternatively supported candidates from either party. "I focus on the best person for the job based on qualifications," he concluded.

There is one open seat on the governing body this year, which comes with a three-year term.

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