Friday, June 06, 2008

Middletown Dancing Jesus

I am working on a new YouTube series with The Courier Online that will talk about area myths, legends and tales.

Today I filmed a piece about the Middletown Dancing Jesus in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Chapel Hill Road. The legend has been passed down for generations but has recently been cited in Weird New Jersey.

When viewing the video you may notice the overbearing wind. This is the second time I have filmed here and, although the wind didn't seem bad at all, it is very difficult to hear the video. Perhaps, there is more to this legend then we even thought! So click below to view the video and be sure to send in any suggestions for future installments.


Melissa L. Gaffney said...

You filmed this? Wow, it's not bad.

Alyssa Passeggio said...

I agree. This is pretty good camera work =)