Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coverage for tonight's partisan conventions

MONUMENTAL MOMENT MOVES CLOSER? Monmouth Republicans and Democrats, respectively, will be selecting chairmen for their parties tonight. Democrats will return veteran Chairman Victor Scudiery to office, while Republicans are likely to install former Sheriff Joe Oxley as their new leader.

The Courier is going to cover tonight's Republican and Democratic conventions, respectively. Senior Courier Staff Writer Alyssa Passeggio will be covering the Republican Convention, being held at Colts Neck High School (7 p.m.). Meanwhile, Courier Staff Writer Melissa Gaffney will be covering the Democratic Convention, being held at the Shore Casino, in Atlantic Highlands (6 p.m.).

Stories will be posted on Ms. Passeggio's, Ms. Gaffney's blogs. In addition, digital video will be shot at the Republican Convention. By request of the county organiztion, video will not be shot at the Democratic Convention. However, both conventions will be covered, in detail, by still photography.

Obviously, this is a big night for Monmouth County going into this year's Fall Classic. At the very least, tonight is the unofficial beginning of the Summer Campaign Season. Start checking for video, posts and stories by about 9 p.m. tonight.

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