Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brightbill challenges need for bipartisan discussion

It has long been a criticism I have had of the Middletown Committee's GOP majority that decisions are made by this majority without any allowance for discussion from Democrats elected to the governing body. It should be the citizenry of Middletown that decides who has input into government. According to Deputy Mayor Pamela Brightbill, at last night's committee meeting, conversation and input with regard to matters of business at Town Hall amounts to a luxury where it involves Democrats offering input -- something that happens 'when there is time.'

The fact that the deputy mayor is so polarized that she does not even entertain the idea of genuine debate, and denotes that basically everything must go along party lines where voting is concerned, is preposterous. No community needs this kind of leadership. Bipartisanship is a requirement of government. If a Democrat cannot communicate to a Republican, or vice cersa, then how can anything get done?

The voters made the choice of putting committeemen Patrick Short and Sean Byrnes on the governing body, and it is disrespectful to them, not to mention governmentally unorthodox, for a deputy mayor to rail against the presence of other party people providing input in the context of what should have been a work session.

Courier Staff Writer Melissa L. Gaffney has done an outstanding job bringing coverage of the Middletown Committee. She has a very complete post on her blog, Sable Minded. Click on the headline to go there for more information.

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