Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Schiano: Rutgers is ready for gridiron season debut

There is a lot of speculation going on about the contract that was signed between Scarlet Knights Head Coach Greg Schiano and the Athletic Department at Rutgers. Basically, the coach gets $2M per year and another $250,000 in other subsidies. Transparency about the contract process with the coach wasn't really there -- true--that much could be said. But, Coach Schiano was and is a hot property in college football coaching. I recall some time back that the Miami Hurricanes were shopping Coach Schiano, and I have little doubt they would have been more than competitive with what Rutgers was offering.

Bottom line: Coach Schiano likes Jersey, has been a total asset to the Rutgers Football Program and the state. He has inspired the young men he is coaching to do some great things on the gridiron, which has raised the level of awareness in people all over the country about Rutgers and New Jersey. And, he has done it in a way that is positive and creates a good role model for atheletes and young people, in general.

Coach Schiano says Rutgers Football is ready to go. He is positive about the upcoming season, which kicks off at the beginning of September. Click on the headline and go to the story about it at

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