Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favre: Not ready to say goodbye to NFL?

Future Hall-of-Famer Brett Favre isn't quite as retired as he was a couple months ago. The Packer standout is seeking a comeback, after his team has already moved on to a new starter. Favre is looking for Green Bay to release him, allowing him to be a free agent, but that's not in the cards according to the Packers' front office.

Favre reportedly was unmoved when team officials tried to talk him into coming back earlier this year. He was the one who supposedly sought retirement, compelling Green Bay to go on a QB hunt.

With his unexpected return, team officials say Favre can rejoin the team but is not promised his former starting position.

My take on it: Favre is never going to be better than he was. Even a great can be humbled by staying too long, and I think Favre has decided to stay around too long. I thought watching Michael Jordan play basketball was the greatest thing I ever saw, and then he "came back" and it made me wince, game after game, until I couldn't watch anymore. It won't be any different with Favre. Nevertheless, Favre was one of the greats and his place in the hall is well-deserved. I just wish he'd start getting on the road to it.

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