Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Show Coach Schiano the money!

Rutgers Head Football Coach Greg Schiano will reportedly be paid as much as $250,000 in what amounts to a bonus from a sports marketing firm associated with Rutgers University. This is on top of the reported $2M per year the coach will earn as the Scarlet Knights' skipper.

Frankly, if Schiano weren't there, would there be anything to talk about? It would be back to the days where Rutgers' team looked more like a high-school prep squad. Coach Schiano has taken a mediocre and well-meaning team and transformed it into a player on the national stage.

Rutgers Football is one of the best things happening in the Garden State, and that is principally due to Coach Schiano.

Click on the headline to go to the story at NJ.com.

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