Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Budweiser sold to Belgian brewer

America's 130-year relationship with Budweiser is about to change, as the U.S.A.'s top beer producer prepares to be sold to a Belgian brewing company. Once known to be as 'red, white and blue' as 'Mom's apple pie' (if it were served in a bar), Budweiser's first family of brewing, the Busches, are calling it a day.

My opinion: Budweiser is probably the worst tasting beer in North America. There is no way the recipe could be harmed by a European company taking it over (especially from somewhere they know how to really make beer). Perhaps the best thing the new brewer could do is to put beer into what is otherwise a can of water.

On the economic side: It would be disappointing to see if jobs and production facilities are moved outside of the Continental United States. The last thing the economy needs is another flight to Europe from a long-standing U.S. company.

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