Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain on Health-care for returning vets

Sen. McCain gets testy here with a veteran discussing his voting record about health-care for returning vets from Afghanistan and Iraq. I certainly think Sen. McCain has done a lot for veterans, and is himself someone who served with great distinction. There must be a good reason why he didn't like the bill the man was talking about. I think just saying it like it is would be better than getting irritated over a question.


Art Gallagher said...

Are you commenting on the same video you posted?


Yes. Sen. McCain is going on about educational benefits and the questioner is asking about health benefits.

Ut's a plain enough question and it's inbounds. If Sen. McCain's stand is that it's just too expensive to his view then fine. But he's being abrupt with the main and it doesn't seem called for.

Health care is a big issue for the returning vets. It is going to have to be addressed. And, instead of talking to education where it involves these folks, maybe he could talk about what he intends on doing -- since something is going to have to be done.