Monday, July 16, 2007

APP publishes piece on commercial fishermen

The APP has a good story about the potential imposition of a fishing ban for commercial fisherman in an area of the county where recreational fishermen want it (the Shark River Reef).

When it comes to the idea of recreational fishermen trying to take away business peoples' ability to earn a living...and it being taken seriously by government... that is the problem with business and New Jersey in the first place.

When will New Jersey's economy improve? When New Jerseyans take their economy seriously and stop discouraging business. In this case, we're talking about a discretionary limit on business, based on a desire by recreational boaters to enjoy an area more. When does that trump private sector commerce?

The commercial fishing business in this state has been brutalized by government regulation in this state for some years. This is just another thing area fishermen will lose. By the way, as our commercial fishermen are pushed out of local waters, so is a tradition dating back hundreds of years. Click on the headline and go to the article.

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