Saturday, July 07, 2007

Post pens piece about Miss New Jersey

Miss New Jersey is a Howell girl, Amy Palumbo, 22. Right now, there is some anonymous person on the Internet threatening her with exposing some pictures she had posted on a Facebook site she had. Well, there's intrigue o' plenty.

The Internet and anonymity. It has been abused. It has caused hardships for people when abused. And an argument that it shouldn't exist, on many levels, has merit. But in banning anonymity with a broad brush, it's possible to throw the baby out with the bathwater. America has to be the freest nation on the earth, despite the abuses that will sometimes occur and have to be ironed out.

But in spite of the frustrations, we still live in America and everything that means (from 1776 to right now). Yet there must be a way for bloggers, posters and the like to face the accountability of their actions in a responsible way. I applaud Ms. Palumbo for not being a victim to this type of person and not surrendering a crown I am sure she worked very hard to win. And it is with the determination of people like her that this issue of Internet abuse will one day be laid to rest in a way that is reasonable and responsible.

Click on the headline and go to the feature in the NY Post.

Caption: This photo is from Colonial Williamsburg and has nothing to do with the post. I just liked the photo.

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