Friday, July 06, 2007

The Highlands Bridge: A hot topic in the Bayshore

The Highlands Bridge: Now there's a hot topic.

The state Department of Transportation wants a bridge that's 30 feet higher. There is a movement by some in Highlands and Sea Bright to just refurbish the bridge that's there.

Some people are for the new bridge and some are against. My biggest problem with the bridge as it stands now is that any guy with a sailboat can weigh anchor and hold up traffic by having to have the bridge raised, creating a back up on Rt. 36. Adding 30 feet to the bridge would change that and allow for an uninterrupted traffic flow along Rt. 36.

I respect other peoples' points of view, but that's where I'm coming from.

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brdgpictaker said...

I was riding my bike on Sandy hook last Sunday AM (beautiful day) 10:30 AM, with a friend, she looked up and pointed to the back up on the bridge, geesh, so early, was the bridge up? Nope, Sandy Hook had closed and everybody was merging to one lane in Sea Bright. How is 30 more feet going to change that?