Friday, July 06, 2007

Courier will create Boardwalk archive this summer

The Courier is creating an archive about the Keansburg Boardwalk; a historical record that basically goes over the beginning of the attraction until today. The way we intend to do this is by locating historical records, news articles and by conducting interviews of people who have Boardwalk memories stretching back from more than 80 years ago to very recently.

After we've collected enough information, The Courier will create a Web site, which will basically be permanent. We'll add to it every few years. We could care less about politics associated with the Boardwalk or who doesn't want the Boardwalk recorded.

Long story short: The Keansburg Boardwalk is an invaluable part of Garden State history that has played a great role in the mystique of the Jersey Shore.
How many people have had first dates there? Spent endless summers with their friends and family there? And had their lives wonderfully touched by this Jersey Shore staple? If area residents want to talk about it, our reporters will be creating a living archive, conducting digital recordings of favorite Boardwalk memories.

This archive has nothing to do with who owned what or did this or that. It's about the Jersey Shore experience the Boardwalk has to offer, and that's really about it.

People who want to take part in this can, if they don't then no one is going to be twisting anyone's arm.
The project manager for this is Senior Reporter Scott Shanley, on vacation this week. But he can be reached by calling (732) 957-0070.

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Bob said...

Exactly where is the Keansburg boardwalk? I've walked up & down the asphalt amusement park midway dozens of times looking for it. I heard a rumor there's one somewhere on Beachway.