Thursday, July 12, 2007

Letter in APP discusses WTC air quality

There is a letter in today's APP, by Atlantic Highlands' Holly Hall Kluck, about WTC-related breathing ailments. Ms. Kluck is assessing blame on former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman and the Bush White House for saying the air at the site was safe. I agree about the Whitman part of that blame.

Well, the air quality at the site was treated like some PR gimmick by the EPA, and Mrs. Whitman is doing a dance and should step up to the plate and accept blame. I don't think it was the White House's fault (even though she's saying things were re-written by the White House). Hey, she was the EPA chief.

She was the one with the job, the desk and the responsibility. Her putting the blame on anyone else, or side-stepping her role in this blunder that has harmed so many people is disingenuous at best.

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