Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Upcoming story about Melissa Farmer and Erica Lopez-Mulligan

The death of Melissa Farmer, Union Beach, and Erica Lopez-Mulligan, Upper Freehold, was tragic. It took place on Sunday along the Parkway in Wall. Yesterday, Alyssa Passeggio and I went to Union Beach and spoke with some of Ms. Farmer's teachers and neighbors about her. We were unable to get in touch with her family, as of yet.

But it is clear that a very special and talented person was lost from our area. We did not have a chance to interview any of Mrs. Lopez-Mulligan's family or friends. But the loss of these two young ladies must be devastating to those who knew them.

The Courier has a feature about Ms. Farmer's life and untimely end coming out this week, including what we know about Mrs. Lopez-Mulligan.
These were wonderful young people and stories like these never fail to evoke empathy for writers. Stories like these happen, but the young people who pass away always leave a big hole in families and communities. My sympathy to the Farmer and Lopez-Mulligan families.

If the newspaper is unable to get in touch with the Farmer family for this issue, then we are certainly open to a subsequent tribute celebrating Ms. Farmer's life later, when the family is more available. In the meantime, the sympathies from everyone at the newspaper.

The story about Melissa Farmer and Erica Lopez-Mulligan is not just another story to us.

Click on the headline for the APP treatment. Courier will be out on Thursday.

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