Sunday, July 01, 2007

Shore cops come under review for public conduct

There are allegations being made about the Seaside Park Police Department regarding inappropriate conduct. This is something that should be reported and discussed. But with all respect, policing any town on the Jersey Shore is a challenge to law enforcement professionals. They deal with crowds that are often unruly, and police have to earn a certain amount of respect on the street to get the basic job done: Protect people and property.

It's a tough job in these Shore communities. If someone has gone over the line then it goes without saying that they have to face the piper, regardless of their public office, but they deserve a fair look into what happened or didn't. Trying something like this in the press isn't going to serve anyone. These cases should be looked and an a broad brush treatment avoided to the greatest extent possible.

I used to serve the communities on the Barrier Island, as editor of the Ocean County Review, and it was a good introduction into common sense and policing Shore towns. Not everything in law enforcement in these towns are black and white. I never witnessed unprofessional conduct by the departments there in 18 months of looking into several complaints, and the officers deserve their day in court and an open mind about the facts of the case going into this thing. That's just my opinion.

Let's see what the facts are and go from there. Click on the headline and go to the APP story by clicking the headline.

Regaedless of opinions, mine or anyone else's, it comes to what happened and what didn't.

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