Sunday, July 29, 2007

MLB: Not the game it was or could be

Major League Baseball is an interesting American rite. This being summer, it is "prime time" for the national pastime. Personally, I do not watch MLB games anymore.


Pitchers are so specialized it's a joke. The complete game is a dinosaur stat. Free agency has evolved into a mercenary practice whereby team loyalty is comical. The addition of expansion teams has watered down the talent level it requires to become a major league player. Games are played so kids can't watch them. Steroids has enhanced the abilities of players to put up freakish stats because of their use. Hot dogs are $8 apiece. Beers are $9 apiece. Oh yeah, these ball players expect to hit the mint for every year in the sun.

All in all, in the MLB today, a good journeyman of yesteryear would be a superstar, because darn near everyone walking off the street today with a speck of talent hits the big time.

With that said, baseball is great. The teams are great. One day, maybe the owner and player problem will get solved.

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