Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Corzine to use helicopters to get around

On Page A2 of the Asbury Park Press today is a brief titled "Corzine leaving his vehicle choice to 'experts.'" The brief discusses how the governor is traveling by helicopter more, as a result of recent injuries he received following a car crash.

In the third paragraph of the brief, though, it states: "With gas prices soaring in spring 2006, Corzine said he wanted to get rid of his State Police-driven SUV in favor of a smaller, more fuel-efficient car. But following a near-fatal car crash in April, he now seems less eager to push the issue."

Well, if Mr. Corzine can't get around in reasonable transportation on public money, then maybe he should consider hiring something private to do so and not helicopter rides on the public dime. In the meantime, Middletown Administrator Robert Czech was issued the exact same make of vehicle the governor uses, which is a Tahoe SUV, for his 24-hour use.

This is a waste of taxpayer dollars in Middletown. He should have a fuel-efficient and reasonably priced sedan, if anything. In reality, a township administrator should not receive an form of free car, in my opinion. It is an unnecessary expense for taxpayers. The job pays enough for him to buy and operate a car.

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