Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Again with politicians following people around in dead of night

Whether it is Republicans following around Democrats in Northern Monmouth, or Democrats following around Republicans in Western Monmouth, the whole thing is ridiculous.

Manalapan Committeeman Andrew Lucas, a Republican, did not deserve to be followed around by private investigators. He is not a criminal and is a taxpayer in Manalapan. The PI worked, apparently, for a Democrat. This is why politics in Monmouth has a bad name. Click on the headline to go to the story in the APP.

Politicians in both parties have indulged in this tactic. This kind of information was brought to my newspaper from a Republican politician (regarding Democrats), three years ago. Courier opted not to print it. In that case, however, the work was done by a non-professional and looked to me more as stalking than simply following. But the point remains: The tactics being used in Monmouth County to attempt to gain political advantage are troubling at times, to say the least.

Part of any reform of government in this county, and in these towns, will hopefully include a revision of how politicians look at politics itself. There is a way to be involved and not turn the process into a bloodsport.

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