Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mullaney will sponsor 'good government' measure in Matawan

After a Matawan Council session last night, Councilman Joseph "Bud" Mullaney said he was going to be looking into an ordinance that would exclude officials from public service who were employed by the state, county or local government. He is also seeking anyone with a state, county or local contract for employment to be excluded from service on the council.

According to Mullaney, the owner of Mullaney Tire & Auto, in Matawan, he said it is his intention to personally cease all municipal work and government sales for his company. "The sole focus of anyone serving on the Matawan Borough Council should be the public they serve, without any possible conflict of interest," he said. "I believe that enough that I will be doing my part to reform things, even when it does impact my wallet."

Mullaney said that a similar measure has been enacted in Holmdel, and he sees no reason why this should not occur in Matawan Borough. "It is time to clean up government for good," he said.

Mullaney said he will be seeking to introduce a plan within the next few sessions.

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