Thursday, March 06, 2008

MT overtime taken to task by Short

Caption: Patrick Short

The APP has a story in it today about overtime expenditures in Middletown. First off, the Middletown Police Dept. is a great organization and has a demonstrated tradition of excellence in service to the community.

Yet, regardless of where there is unnecessary expense, it is in the interest of the citizenry to curb waste. If unnecessary overtime is being spent, then it should be ceased.

Committeeman Patrick Short has raised a question about some overtime hours, during one occasion on Super Bowl day, when some officers called out sick and needed to be replaced for their shifts.

Any argument about saving money is a good one. Taxpayers are being ground up by government, which seems to live in the wallets of residents. Too often there is unnecessary expense and great arrogance when government is called to talk about poor spending habits.

APP Staff Writer Kevin Penton wrote, in my opinion, a very strong story about this subject. Click on the headline to go there.

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