Monday, March 24, 2008

New Yorker prints fine obituary for newspaper journalism

The New Yorker's Eric Alterman has penned a fine obituary for the print world this week.

It is no secret that the Web is fast becoming a lifeboat for long-established newspapers, as they transition to other mediums. Will there ever be a time when print is truly dead? I think there may be, but not just yet.

Mr. Alterman's article echoes the same rumblings that have been making their way around the newspaper industry for some years. He has written about this phenomenon in lay terms that are nonetheless the talk of newspaper people more and more frequently.

Several years ago, it was said by some that "ya can't make money on the Internet." Of course before that, there was the sound of "ya can't put a newspaper Online." Now, it seems that if newspapers aren't Online there ought to be a brief ceremony arranged, with someone to preside over the burial.

Congrats to Mr. Alterman for a fine article. Click on the headline to go there.

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