Friday, March 07, 2008

Letter to the Clamdigger from John Huber

I received a letter for the blog specifically. So here it is:

"Your coverage and F. Pallone's attention to beach replenishment at Sea Bright and points south, over the years, has been interesting. Also interesting were the TV newscasts of New Orleans' people leaving their homes in boats. As a life-long resident of Keansburg, all the above reminded me of the local hurricanes of the past. We had to exit our home in a boat more than once. I was reminded of the time when I watched our rear room float down the street in pieces.

"Attached is F. Pallone's re-election letter --

"Report on beach replinishment October 1998.

"Mr. Pallone states sand replacement would start in Oct. 1999 and the Keansburg project would provide for five cycles of beach renourishment, once every five years. Keansburg's people are looking for the pumping of the first grain of sand on the project (1998) in 2008! Interesting is -- how politicians can find you at election time."

-- John Huber, Shore Blvd., Keansburg

(Mr. Huber, thanks for writing in. If anyone is interested in having letters printed, send them to me at my e-mail:, or Fax them into my job (732) 957-0143, be sure to mark them "Clamdigger.")

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