Monday, March 10, 2008

McGreevey emails were destroyed

I think something that hasn't become a big deal yet, but probably will, is public access to governmental e-mails. What public officials write on computers bought and paid for with tax dollars should be accessible to the public after a time, and not just some of it -- all of it.

If a computer has been paid for with money from the public, and used in the public's business, then it stands to reason the public should have compete access to the work that computer did, on some kind of regulated basis or through procedure.

At no point should a public official have an expectation of ownership over merchandise paid for with tax money -- but many do because of a distorted sense of public service that has been institutionalized in New Jersey politics and government.

Click on the headline to go to a good story about former Gov. Jim McGreevey (worst governor of all time) and how he regularly deleted e-mails.

Caption: On the lighter side, I got a chance to go to Turkey Swamp Park, in Freehold, a few weeks ago. It's really a great stop in the summer for hiking and the like. But during the winter, it has some magnificent views.

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