Thursday, March 06, 2008

Front-page editorial backs young Dem groups

I wrote a front-page editorial in this week's edition about some young people that are taking on a housing fight in Middletown.

I won't rehash the editorial here, but I do wish to give many props to Mr. Matthew Morehead, president of the Monmouth County Bayshore Young Dems, and Mr. John Swift, president of the Brookdale Community College Democrats, for the way they are going about expressing their argument.

These young people, green as they may be, are exercising their duties as citizens in a way that may not be polished, but is heartfelt. Personally, I think they have a point about affordable housing in Middletown.

Certainly, I have not before seen the Brookdale Dems come out into the community. Likewise, I have not seen a newly-minted group like Mr. Morehead's articulate an argument the way he has.

There is a time to especially listen to the young people, and the issue of housing in a community is one of great importance. Click on the headline to go to the story in The Courier Online.

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