Sunday, March 16, 2008

Will the McGreevey car wreck ever stop burning?

An ex-aide of former Gov. James McGreevey is making allegations he had encounters with both the former governor and the former governor's ex-wife before McGreevey was governor.

The allegations were made in The Star-Ledger, and are up on

I don't think anyone in this state looks back fondly on the McGreevey years. Yet, the debacle that is McGreevey's former and current public life doesn't stop happening. If there is a way for something to be low then it is regularly found in the confines of the ongoing McGreevey storyline.

Who's right? Who's wrong? Better yet -- who cares?

I think not enough oversight has been given McGreevey insofar as what rules were broken by his conduct in office. To some extent has he been given a 'bye'?

Regardless, I am convinced that his ongoing "reality show" style celebrity in the Garden State only serves to reinforce the idea, more for the right than the wrong, that New Jersey is the home of ugly politics and sick scandals.

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Caption: The statue honoring Capt. John Smith at the Jamestown Colony, in Virginia. Notably, Capt. Smith has not been associated with the McGreevey scandal at this time.

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