Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The NY governor having an affair story is becoming old

According to the NY Daily News, Gov. David Paterson admits having an extramarital affair. The new governor's honeymoon sure was short. Gov. Paterson is being honest, and at least he's getting it all out there before someone else gets it out there for him. Still, I think it would be a stretch to characterize this as 'Camelot revisited.'

During the early 1970s, a lot of people were cross with former sports commentator Howard Cosell after he penned a book that proclaimed loudly his opinion that athletes were not role models just because they were athletes.

In this day and age, a book unneeded, I have been failed by many things -- but never by my cynicism with politics or politicians. At the end of the day, unflinching belief in the sterling character of any elected person is an unrealistic reach. If all an elected does is not raise taxes and persecute businesses with unnecessary fees, maybe that's got to be enough. Click on the headline and go to the Daily News story about Gov. Paterson.

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