Thursday, March 27, 2008

H&R Block salvages the 'Tax Slaughter of '08'

I just endured the annual pillaging at the hands of the Federal and State governments, respectively. Painful? Yes. It hurt. Perhaps dentistry without sedation might have been worse, but not by a lot.

The IRS gets the butt of the jokes and the scolding by taxpayers, but aren't they just collecting the money that is exacted from taxpayers by the no-accounts that are dignified by the term "elected office holders"?

Here it is, fresh from the slaughter of my 1040: This country, this state, this county and these municipalities are drunk on tax money poured into the never-ending abyss that is the public trough.

Far from adhering to the always promised campaign vow of "least government is best government," elected office holders use that phrase as a punchline to the joke that government fiscal responsibility has become.

I am fed up with every country's problems somehow being translated into the fiscal responsibility of Americans; or how the idiot relatives of elected officials and politicos are somehow essential to the operation of government; or how top-of-the-line SUVs are so necessary over simple sedans for public officials; and the salaries...the salaries!

The bright spot in today did happen, thanks to the skill of a great H&R Block senior tax advisor, Howard E. Stelzner, who did an absolutely incredible and patient job on my taxes at the H&R Block, Barclay Square, 3338 Route 9, in Freehold. He applied badly needed expertise to what can be a daunting annual pain in the (neck).

Mr. Stelzner, a retired eye doctor, also works out of the H&R Block office at 1165 Highway 35, in Middletown. He had a great manner, offered insight and a lot of knowledge and did an outstanding job. Without doubt, this is a great stop. If anyone is interested in tax preparation at this point, he can be reached at (732) 671-9314. And no, the guy isn't a client and neither is H&R Block. It was just a job well done.

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