Monday, March 24, 2008

PNC Bank Arts Center plan is common sense enough

There was a recent session about the PNC Bank Arts Center's new drinking rules, which basically say there is no drinking at the center anymore.

There were a lot of arrests at the venue in the past, and some people landed in the hospital because of drinking and associated other problems. Of course, events like Ozzfest and various other shows are going to be impacted.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that the center is going to be as popular as it once was for getting booked by many shows like this. This is not a good thing in some ways, because the purpose of the venue is to be used. But, in other ways, this has to be considered a good thing as there are not going to be such widespread incidents of mayhem in the future. 'Good business' is not constituted by a bunch of drunks.

The whole 'mayhem' issue is likely to go away.

I think public meetings about this are somewhat unnecessary, though, since it's not likely the center will be a big stop anymore for the kind of shows where there is likely to be trouble (given the new rules). The shows will go where drinking isn't going to be a problem. I think it's safe to say the marketplace will make its own correction in the wake of the alcohol restrictions.

Click on the headline to go to Randy Bergmann's blog for a post about the center's drinking policy.

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