Wednesday, April 09, 2008

About interviewing candidates...again

At The Courier, there are a small number of people to try and cover 10 towns in Northern Monmouth County effectively. As has been said for years, should a candidate -- any candidate at all -- take time out of their day to make an appointment, come here, allow us to take photos and conduct an interview then they will be covered. Staff writers from the newspaper will not allow candidates to throw mud at other candidates or existing office holders/establishments in the printed interview.

Here's the flip side: The Courier cannot have its reporters running around in search of random candidates to try and persuade them to conduct interviews (there just aren't enough hands for that). On any account, it is the job of the candidate to communicate effectively. It is not a reporter's job to be responsible for candidates that cannot pick up a telephone. Consequently, they only deal with candidates that do communicate.

So if a candidate has not been interviewed that did want to be interviewed, I suggest in the future using a telephone and calling (732) 957-0070 to express that thought.

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