Saturday, April 26, 2008

Murphy addresses Middletown Dems

Release submitted by the Middletown Democratic Party

Philip D. Murphy, National Finance Chair of the Democratic National Committee, is a Middletown resident.

Thursday night, April 24th, at the American Legion Post in Leonardo, he addressed a gathering of over 70 Democrats from Middletown & surrounding communities and shared some of the insight that he has with the current Presidential campaign.

His job takes him all around the nation, into almost every state, and, in fact, to many foreign countries. He spoke of how, in country after country that he has visited, the actions of this administration have generated a negative perception of the U.S. People around the world are very disappointed and angry towards the Bush Administration for the attitude that is presented. International leaders are willing to listen and even talk to Democratic leaders. They know that there is a need for change here in the U.S. and want to hear the proposals and ideas that we have to offer.

He spoke of how, in state after state, regardless of whom they supported, young people are getting involved, registering as Democrats and voting. The economic situation of the country is in very poor shape and will take years to recover from failed policies. The Iraqi war may require years to resolve and even our grandchildren will be paying for this.

Despite the length of the primary campaign and the intense loyalty of many to Clinton and many to Obama, he emphasized the big gap between either of them and McCain. For those whose candidate does not get the nomination, he is confidant that they will support the candidate who does. We must break the stranglehold that the Republican Party holds on this country. This, of course, includes electing Democrats to Congress.

Although it is hard to see from NJ, the party has made great inroads throughout the rest of the country. Even in traditionally Republican areas the Democratic Party has grown significantly. There are many people that are voting for the first time and many that have an open mind towards change. The consensus is that the majority feels that it is time for change in the country.

He also spoke on the relative effectiveness of different campaign methods. The least effective is by mail, followed by telephone. But far & away the most effective method is going door to door & speaking one on one with the voters.

Murphy is a supe delegate. But he said, "He cannot at this time, disclose his preference.

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