Monday, April 07, 2008

O'Scanlon's bill would take bite out of corruption

This week, 12th District Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon was interviewed for a front-page editorial that will discuss a bill he is sponsoring, A-2585. The bill, if adopted, would prevent legislators from entering into contracts with public entities in their district.

To put his money where his mouth was, Assemblyman O'Scanlon will even be taking a hit on his own wireless communications business. He currently has contracts in Colts Neck and Fair Haven. He will be finishing those projects up and not accepting anymore work in the 12th.

With so much raw sewage coming out of Trenton every single day, Assemblyman O'Scanlon is giving New Jerseyans a breath of fresh air. He is a successful business person who understands that governmental service should be a sacrifice to elected officials. Regardless of what party is discussed, the issue of corruption is a central one.

This bill from Assemblyman O'Scanlon will not transform New Jersey's Legislature from being among the most shady in the country, in my opinion, but it will put a dent in some of the shenanigans going on. My bet: A-2585 doesn't make it out of committee. But this is exactly the kind of legislation this state needs and should not be overlooked.

Congrats to Assemblyman O'Scanlon for the good work, and read the editorial about it this week in The Courier. It shouldn't be hard to find since it'll be on the front. Meanwhile to reach Assemblyman O'Scanlon about this, his office can be reached at (732) 933-1591, or his e-mail is:

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