Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Politics is a second sport for Democratic candidate

I just concluded an interview with Democratic candidate for Township Committee Jim Grenafege. He will be sharing the Democratic ticket this year with Middletown school board member Patricia Walsh. The retired Locust resident is a Johns Hopkins University graduate, where he earned his bachelor's degree, as well as a Montclair University graduate, where he earned his master's.

I thought one interesting thing about his background is that Mr. Grenafege is a former John Hopkins University Lacrosse Team member (1967-71) who was part of two national champion Division 1 teams, in 1969 and 1970. Mr. Grenfege was quick to point out that during both years Johns Hopkins shared the national title, in 1969 with the University of Maryland, and in 1970 with the University of Virginia.

Still a die-hard Johns Hopkins enthusiast, though, it took him only a moment to pull out a card he carries in his pocket to remind him when the April homecoming for his alma mater is.

His interview will be in this week's upcoming edition of The Courier.

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