Monday, April 07, 2008

Thorpe told Tax Board session about Heck closed to public

I just received a call from Lincroft resident Mrs. Barbara Thorpe, a 41-year resident of Swimming River Road. According to her, she contacted the Monmouth County Tax Board. She was advised that the meeting on Wednesday, April 9 at 10 a.m., involving the Middletown tax assessor, Mr. Charles Heck, is not open to the public.

The session is about the ramifications of his actions where it invovles a failure on his part to file the Middletown tax reassessment. According to Mr. Heck at the last Tax Board meeting, this was done because the reassessment was incomplete. According to Mrs. Thorpe, "I think this is a failure to disclose to the residents of this town information they deserve. Residents pay the bills in this town."

Mrs. Thorpe is very concerned that the township might indemnify this tax assessor in the event there are any disciplinary procdures in the future. "We pay these bills, like with the sexual harassment case a few years ago, for these people that are being supported by this Republican administration in town and it's not right," Mrs. Thorpe said.

A sory about this matter is being worked on by Courier Staff Writer J.J. Sullivan.

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